1. Contribute to the dissemination of culture and the development of human knowledge by publishing sober scientific research through the criteria set by the editorial board of the journal, for the development and growth of human and social knowledge areas.
  1. Publishing research and scientific papers in various disciplines of social sciences.
  1. Transmission of experiences in scientific research in the humanities and social sciences to the communities so that all societies can know their position in the fields of human and social culture in light of the advanced development of these sciences.
  1. Give importance to publishing scientific research and papers that discuss modern enlightenment ideas with the aim of serving the community and developing the local environment through the dissemination of this scientific research.
  1. Benefit from the output of scientific research, which includes many vital issues for the community service framework.
  1. Introducing and presenting new books published through the newly published various issues of social sciences to introduce researchers to new literature published worldwide
  1. Issuing special issues when necessary to shed light on vital topics in the field of Social Science.