International Journal of Emerging Multidisciplinaries: Social Science
In light of the successive technological development in the means of disseminating information and knowledge, the need for scientific partnerships and knowledge exchange between experts and scientists in the fields of social sciences has become increasingly necessary. The editorial board of the Social Sciences Journal would like to welcome all researchers and detractors to publish articles on the journal website whether researchers who are interested in publishing their work or postgraduate students.

By contributing to the introduction of in-depth scientific treatments of contemporary social developments and issues, the journal of social sciences may play a significant role in guiding the intended purposes, and will add value to efforts being made to engage with local and international universities and scientific research centers in order to enrich the research movement in social sciences. We hope that this journal will meet the aspirations of researchers and interested people, promote it for the better regionally and globally, and we invite all researchers, intellectuals and writers to contribute to its continuation by presenting their research productivity for publication, and welcome input from readers, researchers, and writers until it reaches its optimal form.

To conclude, we wish to thank the board of the journal, the editorial board, as well as Professor Izharul Haq for driving the initiative to establish this journal, the reviewers, authors, and all those who contributed to its production and design.

Thank you very much.

Dr. Taimia Sabiha, Ph. D.
Editor-in-chief (IJEMD-SS)