Learning Management System (LMS)

PowerTeach is an Innovative next generation LMS that provides analytics on teaching and learning automatically and in real-time. It also provides AI based predictive analysis and feedback on student learning to improve their final grade. PowerTeach is an ‘Outcome Based Education’ system fully aligned with Blooms taxonomy. PowerTeach provides customized reports for student, faculty, admin and senior management. To learn more please contact us.

Student: Student need to know their progress through the course. They need feedback in

  1. How well are they progressing in each of the course
  2. Have they achieved the CLO requirements?
  3. What part of the course are they having problem and how can it be overcome.
  4. Their predictive grade through the course.

Lecturer: If you are you must want to know the progress of your course

  1. How well are the student understanding each of the CLO?
  2. Tract every student progress during the course in order to support differentiated learning.
  3. How well are student learning with different type of pedagogies.
  4. Compile the course portfolio at the completion of the course.
  5. Predictive analysis on student achievements.

PowerTeach will do all (1-5) for you automatically and in real-time. PowerTeach will also compile the Course Portfolio for you automatically.

Deans/Chair: If you are you must be facing challenges to ensure all the course portfolios are done accurately and on time. That means

  1. Uniformity in the teaching content for different sections of the same course.
  2. Students have achieved the required Course Learning Outcome (CLO) pass mark.
  3. All the CLOs have been properly calculated in term of the weighted average for the course.
  4. Course portfolio is complete and accurate.

PowerTeach will do all (1-4) of the above. More importantly, PowerTeach will do this in real-time and automatically so as to free the lecturer form this administrative work. PowerTeach will do it for them.

President/Vice rector/CEO: Then you need real time reporting of every course on any aspect at various levels for inter and intra level comparative analysis. The reporting levels include:

  1. Student level
  2. Faculty level
  3. Course level
  4. Department level
  5. College level
  6. Over all university level

Here accurate data is important and hence the automatic data capture module of PowerTeach is an indispensable.

Accreditation: PowerTeach will allow the university to meet all the necessary accreditation of major entities AACSB, ABET etc. PowerTeach is also fully in compliance with the National Qualification Framework.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. We will be more than happy to answr all your queries.