Telehealth Medical Insurance System (TMIS) for Pandemics Requirements and Traveling Difficulties


  • Mohammad Hameed AlTaei University of Technology and Applied Sciences
  • Aliaa Al-Ghaithi University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS)
  • Aziza Al-Hinai University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS)



Healthcare system, Medical System, Insurance System, Telehealth


Medical insurance system has been and is still the most necessary service for all people. It is one of the most important type of insurances that protects people's health from long-term and short-term risks, and pandemics. Due to the current situation of Covid-19 and the increasing costs of medication, such system is very important and needed nowadays. On the other hand, Telehealth technology and Telemedicine applications have proven their positive role in preventing the spread of epidemics and diseases due to physical spacing, decreasing the vists to the health institutions, and reducing travels abroad; besides, it help in obtaining a high quality diagnosis and treatments from different places worldwide. The goal of this project is to design a prototype of a new system that combines medical insurance system with Telehealth technology to get a Telehealth Medical Insurance System (TMIS) that facilitates communication between the patients and medical providers remotely through insurance companies without visiting health inistitutions unless for necessary cases. This new system will first guarantee protection rules of dealing with pandemics such as: social distancing, telediagnosis, and preserve patients from infection by some viruses or other infectious diseases. Second, it guarantees medical treatments in a qualified and high-quality medical provider with lower costs and without travelling difficulties and costs.

The implementation of this system will focus on finding the most suitable and secure way for patients via a protected website to do online communication with medical providers. It will also improve transactions for obtaining medical insurance and reduce pressure in hospitals and medical centers, as well as providing healthcare solutions that meet long-term needs. Thus, people living worldwide can easly subscribe to this system either individually or via their institutions, and they will have many benefits and options, it will cover their increasing medical expenses, decrease the cost of diagnosis and treatments and travelling, as well as increasing the quality of health care and protecting them from the pandemic issues.




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AlTaei, M. H., Al-Ghaithi , A. ., & Al-Hinai, A. . . . . . (2022). Telehealth Medical Insurance System (TMIS) for Pandemics Requirements and Traveling Difficulties. International Journal of Emerging Multidisciplinaries: Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, 1(2), 67–73.



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